Month: June 2017

Running Gear and Jesus

I first began running during my sophomore year in college after a break up with a boyfriend. I lived in my sorority house and most evenings a group of my sisters would head out for a study-break run. When I was invited to join them, I threw on a t-shirt, soccer shorts and my old cheerleading sneakers, which worked fine until I ran consistently and increased my mileage. Shin splints kicked in. A friend suggested I purchase real running shoes and showed me hers. They made shoes for running? I had no idea! So I purchased my first pair of...

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Creeping Along with the Master

Poppie, my Golden Retriever running buddy and I set out on our beloved trails for an afternoon run. I unleashed her and off she sped like a toddler set free on a playground or a butterfly just escaping her cocoon. She ran ahead of me, stopped and sniffed as I sprinted past her. She waited until I was just out of sight then chased after me and flew on past. She’d find something else to sniff and I’d pass her. One particular time I ran past her and over a new bridge with boards placed a bit further apart...

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Jill Roman Lord

Changing the world, one child at a time.

2019 Selah Award Winner and Book of the Year

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