Month: August 2017

VIP Passes

I recently recalled when my daughter returned home from Orlando over spring break with some friends. She spent one day in Disney World with a friend who was doing an internship there. We had taken family trips to Disney World, but this was Rebecca’s first time without her parents and it was her best trip ever! She told us of the VIP passes they had to everything, the Fast Passes to the rides, their viewing the Easter Parade from great seats on the Riverboat, and eating at remarkable restaurants for discounted prices. It sounded absolutely amazing and she had the time...

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God’s Gentle Reminders

God sends reminders to me on occasion. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? I’d planned to go on a longer run one afternoon as I had completely eaten too much that day. Do you know that feeling? I even left my dog at home so she wouldn’t have to run so far. Rain was forecast but I thought I could beat it. It started sprinkling before I had even turned off my street. No problem. It’d been misty most of the day. I didn’t mind. Just after a mile, the rain increased. No matter. It washed the sweat away....

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Chasing down a Hound Dog and Ice Cup

Years ago when my husband and I ran a 10K race in Dallas, Texas where we lived at the time, we noticed at the starting line a man with a huge Blood Hound, named Earl. We felt sorry for Earl as he was so big, we thought he’d never be able to finish the race. About half way through the race, the man and Earl zipped on past us. The dog appeared to be merely trotting with his long legs. We looked at each other, “Did Earl just pass us?” We sped up our pace but never saw Earl again...

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Jill Roman Lord

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