Month: February 2021

God in My Dreams

I’ve prayed most of my life, saved sentimental items, dreamed, and journaled. So, when I cleaned my storage a few years ago, I should not have been surprised at what I found. But I was. Immensely. I discovered a list I had written in college, of dreams I hoped to accomplish some day. I had numbered and listed them down the page. As I read each dream, I mentally checked off which ones I’d accomplished over the years. As I moved down the list, my jaw dropped. I was speechless nearing the end, as all my dreams had come...

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Of Hopes, Wishes, Bucket-lists, Goals, and Dreams

I was thinking about my dreams recently – dreams for the future, for my kids, for this world. Then I began to wonder if these were just hopes and wishes. Then my mind became all befungled trying to figure out the differences between hopes, wishes, bucket-lists, goals, and dreams. Are they all separate entities? Can they be the same? Hope. I hope you have a great day. Is that all a hope is? Is it something out of our control – something left to the universe to do with it as it will? Hope in God is putting our...

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Jill Roman Lord

Changing the world, one child at a time.

2019 Selah Award Winner and Book of the Year

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