Jill Roman Lord

Jill Roman Lord is a wife, mother of three amazing kids, runner, author, writer, nurse anesthetist and Jesus lover. She and her husband Bill, have just recently entered a  new phase of their lives and are learning to navigate the new Empty Nest Years. While they loved every aspect of raising kids and sending them on their ways, this empty house is a new thing requiring adjustments which they are enjoying together.

Jill has run for a longer length of time than she has done anything else in her life. At this point she’s blessed to be able to say that she has been running for well over 35 years. Running is her stress reducer, anxiety reducer, fat reducer, cholesterol reducer, escape from daily chores and fun producer. It’s her time with God (among other times), her time to focus, her time to dream, to imagine, to create. It’s her time to push herself, explore and spend time with her dog, Poppie. She has run  5K, 5 mile, 8K, half-marathon races and one marathon. She loves running with her kids when they’re around and willing.

She is an author of Christian Children’s books which can be found on her Books Page. It is her desire in her writing to draw children closer to Jesus and to provide books that parents (or grandparents or caregivers) can enjoy reading with the kids snuggled on their laps.

She’s been a nurse anesthetist for over 25 years and still loves it immensely! She claims it as an honor and privilege to be able serve others in this way.

Jill is a Christian and loves Jesus to her core. He is her all-in-all. She tries to follow His lead but messes up a lot. She looks forward to all God still has in store for her in this journey called life. Charlotte, NC is home to Jill and her family, and you can find her running, hiking, and golfing.

Connect with Jill on Facebook, Goodreads and also on her Amazon author page, Jill Roman Lord.

2019 Selah Award Winner and Book of the Year


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What people are saying about Jill’s books:

It’s a cute rhyming book with quality touch and feel pictures.

 A great gift or keepsake for your little one’s library.

So perfect for my 2 little granddaughters! They both loved it.

Great for explaining the gospel in an age-appropriate way. We love this book!

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