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God’s bundles of joy

I love seeing a newborn baby bundle-of-joy wrapped up and cuddled in a parent’s arms. I see the parent staring in awe and love at the miracle before them. Wrapped in that perfect package is all the personality, talent, and skills that God knew they would need to become all He dreamed they could be. He created them at the perfect moment to grow and add to His Kingdom here on earth. He designed them uniquely to fit into this world, to use their gifts and talents in amazing ways, to touch the world in their own special styles....

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God in My Dreams

I’ve prayed most of my life, saved sentimental items, dreamed, and journaled. So, when I cleaned my storage a few years ago, I should not have been surprised at what I found. But I was. Immensely. I discovered a list I had written in college, of dreams I hoped to accomplish some day. I had numbered and listed them down the page. As I read each dream, I mentally checked off which ones I’d accomplished over the years. As I moved down the list, my jaw dropped. I was speechless nearing the end, as all my dreams had come...

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Of Hopes, Wishes, Bucket-lists, Goals, and Dreams

I was thinking about my dreams recently – dreams for the future, for my kids, for this world. Then I began to wonder if these were just hopes and wishes. Then my mind became all befungled trying to figure out the differences between hopes, wishes, bucket-lists, goals, and dreams. Are they all separate entities? Can they be the same? Hope. I hope you have a great day. Is that all a hope is? Is it something out of our control – something left to the universe to do with it as it will? Hope in God is putting our...

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Getting cozy with Jesus in 2021

I loved my cozy little nook I shared with Jesus most mornings. It wasn’t much. Nothing special, really. But it was comfy, and I could sit for hours on the end of our 30-year-old sofa, in our living room, in a corner of our house. I poured out my heart to Jesus in that spot. I prayed for my kids through the years there. I prayed for my husband, my family, and friends. I read through my Bible there, worked through my Bible studies, sorted out scripture, and wrestled with God on numerous occasions, right there on that end...

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Jill Roman Lord

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