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How do you celebrate Jesus at Christmas?

We know so much surrounds Christmas, and as Christians, we try to keep our focus on Jesus. But in reality, we may get pulled into the wonderful Christmas activities and celebrate Christmas events for the sake of the holiday spirit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Christmas only comes once a year, and it should be celebrated well. But I got to thinking, how could we truly celebrate Jesus in all of our festivities? What would that look like? What might glorify Him? I started with scripture. I’ve included activities for adults, as well as activities in which to...

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Run Your Race

If you run enough races or do any event repeatedly, you’re likely to find at least one person or occurrence to make the event memorable. I remember one of my first runs when my dad came to support me. That meant the world to me. Another time, a guy stuck in traffic as us marathoners slogged passed him around the 22nd mile, shouted out of his car window how slow we were and that the race was already over. Yup, he said that, and I remember it twenty years later. And I recall the race in which, a 200...

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Paddle Boarding in the Light.

I was excited to bring my new paddle board to Mexico where we stayed with some friends in their condo. My husband had given me an inflatable, portable paddle board for my birthday, and I was thrilled for the opportunity to try it out on the beautiful Caribbean Sea! Our first day was a bit windy but the water didn’t look too rough and I couldn’t wait! We inflated the board, blew up my new pink life preserver and I set sail with my bright pink paddle and paddle board! I absolutely love it! A rock-retaining wall had been...

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Fit and Philanthropic

I didn’t give it much thought when I first signed up. This year, my department at work committed to engaging in events outside of work by participating in a race every month. The first was the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k. I like to run so I signed up for the 5K along with a handful of other teammates. As we waited at the starting line on that cold morning that threatened mist and I longed for my warm bed, the announcer introduced a recipient of Make-a-Wish Foundation and handed her the mic. This precious woman explained that she is an adult survivor...

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