If Jesus Came to Visit Me

2014 Selah Award Finalist! A sweet brightly illustrated board book that allows children to imagine a visit from Jesus. What would it be like if Jesus came for a visit, just for the day?

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About the Book

This little board book imagines just that, from the perspective of a young child. From greeting Jesus at the door to asking him about loved ones in heaven to taking a walk together, the child-narrator lists all the things he or she would do if such a visit took place. Parents can use this book to begin a conversation with even very young children about the idea of a personal relationship with Jesus. Sweet illustrations depict the hypothetical visit. Children will love this engaging inspirational book. Ages 2-5.

2014 Selah Award Finalist

What people are saying:

“I think it’s a nice way to enable children to imagine Jesus being capable of physical interaction. It helped my son to incorporate a more intimate understanding of God, to see that he can talk to Him about things he likes and does. My son prays a little differently now and I think a lot can be attributed to seeing images and concepts in this book.”

“Content is perfect for younger kids to understand Gods love and design throughout the bible! Taking hard concepts and simplifying them for young kids to understand without jeopardizing the truth of the Word of God. I found that it even helped me understand things better.”

“Fantastic book. Very simple, sweet and short sentence format and a good way to introduce daily living with Jesus. Ideal age 2-5.”

“This is a fun and easy book to read. Each page has just the right amount of words to hold my daughter’s interest, she enjoys the pictures, and I enjoy reading the book to her.”

Publisher: CandyCane Press, an imprint of Ideals Publicatoins
Publication Year: 2013
ASIN: 0824919084
ISBN: 0824919084
List Price: $6.99
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