Panda Bear to make with reading this book!

I’ve been asked if there were crafts to do along with the reading of, You’re More than a Sprout. And by golly I’ve come up with one! Here is an easy craft to do with your children with many supplies that you most likely already have on hand. Cover your work area with newspaper or plastic bags. Ready? Gather your supplies.



3 toilet paper rolls

White, black and green acrylic craft paint

Paint brush

Paper plate for paint

Green and black and white construction paper

Scissors (Use child safe ones, these are not)


Glue (I like the clear get tacky glue, but any glue should work)

rolls cut and painted

How to:

Cut one roll in half (this will be the head)

Paint the large roll black. If you don’t have paint, but have colored paper, cut it and wrap it around the respective tubes. That would work just as well as paint.

Paint the small roll white

Cut third roll length wise to open it up

Now roll it tightly and staple the ends.

eyes, ears, nose and arms

Paint this green. This will be the bamboo branch.

While paint is drying, cut eyes, ears, nose and arms out of black paper. Cut little white circles for inside of eyes, too if you’d like.

Cut leaves out of green paper.

leaves for bamboo

When paint is dry, staple head to the middle of the body.

Staple or glue ears onto top of head. Glue probably works best. Bend enough of the ear back to glue to the head

Glue eyes and nose below ears. Glue little white circles on. Draw a little mouth if you’d like.

Staple or glue arms inside the black tube edge in black body and bring them around front.

Glue the bamboo branch to his arms.

Sweet Panda with his Bamboo!

TA DA! A sweet happy panda with his bamboo. Enjoy while you read the book, You’re More than a Sprout!

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