My husband, Bill and I recently sailed on a small cruise ship to quaint tropical islands in the Caribbean. This was a new ship for us and held about 200 guests. It provided a workout room where I used the treadmill the first day, but I longed to be outside running. So, I woke up early the next morning before most people arose and headed for a deck. There wasn’t a running track like some larger cruise lines provide, but I found a loop I could run.

I ran through the last sprinkle of the rain and watched as the rain cloud drifted off behind us. This is what I longed for: fresh Caribbean air, a gentle breeze, temperature in the high 70s, and me running on a cruise ship enjoying it all. I loved my view of tropical islands, beaches and mountains with tropical growth and palm trees as I circled around my loop. Running toward the back of the boat, I saw a rainbow emerge! It literally popped into view on this loop. It remained in view for a few loops, became a double rainbow for a couple loops then vanished. What a treat to see those vibrant colors as I’d circle round the deck.

When I finished my run, I slowed to walk for a cool down. I gazed over the side of the ship and saw a bunch of fins bobbing around. I scooted closer only to have a small dolphin pop up from the water as if to say “Hi! Look at me!” and dive back in, right next to the ship! I was still on a ‘high’ from seeing the rainbow off the back of the ship and this put me over the top! There was nobody else around to share this experience with, at the moment. Of course, I took out my phone to try to capture his next jump, only to snap a splash in the water. No matter. This was gonna be a fabulous day no doubt and it was off to a great start.

The splash of a dolphin jumping. Other dolphins swimming.

I anticipated having an amazing day and in noticing the incredible beauty in God’s world and that is exactly what that day held for me. Of course, I was on a cruise, so most days would be amazing that week, but I began to wonder what would happen if I woke up each morning anticipating the best? What if I declared each morning that it was going to be a fabulous day? What if I consciously looked for God’s hand at work in my day, every day?

What if we each did that? I wondered if we would ever be disappointed? Would God ever hide His beauty from our eyes? Would He withhold His splendor from us? Would He declare that we’ve seen enough of His awesome power and cut us off? I sincerely doubted that, especially if we were seeking it.

If we ask the Lord to open our eyes to His beauty, His power and His blessings, don’t you think He would gladly honor our requests? Don’t you think He longs to share with us and bestow His blessings upon us? Matthew 7:11 says, if you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! 

Don’t we love giving gifts to our children? Don’t you love the anticipation and excitement your children have of receiving gifts at Christmas and don’t you love their responses when they receive what they’ve asked for? I can only imagine what God’s heart feels when we ask for gifts such as these and in His willingness to pour them out on us.

Oh friends, I want to receive all that He has to offer. I want to see His power and beauty each day. Don’t you? Now, I don’t think this means we’ll never have problems, frustrations, or winds that rock our boats, but perhaps we’ll see God’s hand pulling us through our obstacles, clearing the way or His power in carrying us through the rough waters.

I’m gonna try to ask Him to open my eyes each day to see His beauty, His hand at work, His miracles, His rainbows and dolphins. Won’t you join me in this? Let’s all have fabulous days in seeking God’s splendor.