My heart is broken. Not for anything or anyone in my family, but for a friend, a co-worker whose beloved horse died. This horse was like a child to her. She claimed their relationship as special, one that she had not had with any other of her horses. His downfall? He stepped on a nail. Yep. It is that simple. Despite rapid, intense care and antibiotics, infection overtook him from that one simple nail and he could not recover. Breaks my heart, fully and completely.

I immediately began thinking of the nails in our lives that could take us down. I’ve been reading Ezekiel and discovered what brought out the wrath of God. This appeared to be pride, unfaithfulness, trusting in oneself, idolatry to name a few. These warranted God’s destruction of those cities. These were their nails.

And we are not that different. Do we take pride in our accomplishments, not give God the glory where it is due? Do we trust in our own efforts to bring our success, trust in our own endeavors, our wealth, our status? Do we brush God aside at times? Yep. I know I am guilty. A lustful thought takes root and spreads though our body. Envy overcomes us, selfishness spreads though us like a cancer so we begin desiring more, bigger, better! Oh, where does it end?

These common sins are enough to warrant God’s punishment on us, our destruction, if it weren’t for Jesus taking that nail for us. That nail that would have been the death of us, He took upon Himself which cleansed us from that sinful infection. He purified us from evil spreading through our body leading to our destruction. He now lifts us up cleansed and holy, claiming us as His own, saving us from God’s wrath! Not only are we saved from destruction because of His love for us, we are filled with His joy, covered in His peace, and blessed with a hope in our future with Him! All because He took that nail for us. Aren’t we thankful for that! Are you with me?

Oh, I can’t even imagine the pain my friend must be experiencing. Why was her horse not healed despite all the care and prayers for his healing? God can heal horses. He’s in the healing business! He loves this horse. We just don’t know. We don’t understand. But, I’m praying for God’s peace over my friend, to completely cover her like only He can do, because Jesus took that nail for her.  Peace, my friend.

He forgave us all our sins, having canceled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us; he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross. Colossians 2:14