We all have different races to run and they don’t all involve running. When my children were younger and this mother needed to go for a run one summer day, I took the kids with me to ride their bikes while I ran on the green way. I packed their little bikes into the van and off we peacefully drove, except for one unhappy child who did NOT want to ride her bike. She was too young to leave at home and it was a beautiful day. I didn’t offer a choice in this situation.

Once on the path, they rode along joyfully accept for the one child who rode grumpily and I was able to trot along the lush green way. All was relatively going well until my unhappy biker discovered a peach tree growing beside the trail. Interesting that I’d never noticed this lone peach tree before. This child found it when her front tire hit a single peach that had dropped from this tree sending her bike skidding and her little body flying over the handlebars of her bike.  Thankfully she’d worn a helmet and wasn’t too injured but her knees were quite scraped. Next time she’d wear knee pads.

Rebecca in her early years of gymnastics

Another day, a need to run came over me and I allowed this child who did not like to ride bikes, to scoot on her scooter. She was NOT in the mood to ride or scooter and pouted the whole way. We’d just about made it home when her little scooter hit a rock that sent her soaring over the handle of her scooter. Seriously, I was not gonna be awarded the mother-of-the-year award. She wore a helmet and knee pads but not elbow pads. Her elbows were quite scraped. Next time she’d wear body armor.

All this to say, Rebecca does not like biking to this day, nor scootering but excelled in gymnastics and servitude. Everybody has a different race to run. Through gymnastics she gained a wealth of time management skills and principles of training and conditioning. Though gymnastics is no longer a part of her life in college, she weight-trains and conditions every morning at her rec center before classes. She also runs now and completed her first half-marathon. We’ve even run a few races together with no injuries occurring.

She leads a life group of students at her church, worships at a church on her campus, disciples new Christians, participates in three Bible studies, is pursuing her career goals through college, using her creativity, and seeks the Lord’s guidance daily and for her future goals. She found her race and is running it well. What’s your race? What race has God called you to work towards? What goals has he placed in your heart? What talents has He gifted you with that can be used for His glory? Whom has He brought into your life that may need your encouragement, help and support? All your experiences work together to form your race. You’re not competing against anybody but just taking one step at a time towards the finish line. We all have separate races to run. Run it well my friend, so the Lord may say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Matthew 25:21 NIV