If Jesus Walked Beside Me

2015 Selah Award Winner! A delightful and brightly colored board book explores the ways in which children might interact with Jesus.

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About the Book

What would it be like if Jesus walked beside you and helped you through your day? This delightful story supposes just that and explores how a child might feel and what they would do. From gentle encouragement at the ball game to a warm snuggle at night, the child-narrator lists the many ways in which he or she would interact with Jesus if such an event took place. Sweet illustrations depict the various scenarios.

Parents can use this book to begin a conversation with even very young children about the idea of a personal relationship with Jesus. Children will love this engaging, inspirational board book. Ages 2-5.

2015 Selah Award Winner

What people are saying:

“Such a darling book that speaks to me as much as it does my children when we read it together. Just long enough to hold a child’s attention.”

“Our children love this book. It’s one of their favorites along with several others by Jill …  Great way to teach how our faith comes into everyday life.”

Publisher: Candy Cane Press, an imprint of Ideals Publications
Publication Year: 2014
ASIN: 0824919203
ISBN: 0824919203
List Price: $6.99
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