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Of Grapes and Rocks

When we were in Italy recently, we saw a lot of beautiful grape vines growing in the Tuscan region. We viewed vines gracing the hills, standing tall in neat rows beside the road, and hanging beautifully overhead on trellises. I was completely blown away with what we learned about Sangiovese grapes. Depending on the region where they grow, they make up either Chianti wines, Brunello Wines, and even a few other wines. We learned specifically that Brunello wines come from grapes grown on Tuscan hills in the small town of Montalcino in soil composed of rocks. Not only did they...

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Kindness Remembered

As I ran on a hot and humid afternoon wiping the sweat off my face with my perspiration cloth, I recalled receiving my first cloth. It was a gift of sorts. During my first (and only) marathon, I remember people handing items out on the side of the road: orange slices, Gatorade, water, candy. I’d receive some, others I’d pass on. I don’t recall which mile it was but most likely in the second half, a person held out white wash cloths. People took them, so I took one that was handed to me. I asked another runner what...

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You Gotta Show Up

Does anyone remember the morning of the Superbowl 2018? More specifically, does anyone remember the weather in Charlotte, NC that morning? I do. It was 32 degrees and raining. I had signed up with my daughter to run a race that morning, but she had an out-of-town wedding that weekend and bailed. I planned to run it without her until I heard the rain… I felt so warm and snuggled in my bed listening to the raindrops on my roof. It was just a four-mile race. Perhaps I would miss it too. I snuggled deeper into my covers. “Are...

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