My cozy spot at our old house.

I loved my cozy little nook I shared with Jesus most mornings. It wasn’t much. Nothing special, really. But it was comfy, and I could sit for hours on the end of our 30-year-old sofa, in our living room, in a corner of our house. I poured out my heart to Jesus in that spot. I prayed for my kids through the years there. I prayed for my husband, my family, and friends. I read through my Bible there, worked through my Bible studies, sorted out scripture, and wrestled with God on numerous occasions, right there on that end of the sofa, in the corner of our living room.

We gave that sofa away. An upcoming move into a new home prompted a modernizing of our furniture and that 30-year-old sofa had to go. As the men loaded that sofa onto their truck, I longed to tell them how special that sofa was, that Jesus met me there, that I prayed Jesus would bless the new owners as He blessed me, that the next family should know all that! But, realizing how awkward that may sound, I stopped myself and simply patted the sofa one last time, before it disappeared onto the truck.

Now we’re in our new home. We ordered new furniture months ago, but because of Covid, most items are on back order. We did receive one new chair, table, and lamp that we placed in the great room along with a mishmash of other chairs just to have places to sit when our kids visited over Christmas. It’s chaotic at best.

I continued my old routine in our new chair, in our new home, next to the new table and lamp. But I felt like I was in Grand Central Station. There was nothing cozy about it. It’s one large room with the Great room, kitchen, dining area and other sitting area vacant of furniture. This open concept is the new trend of housing, built for entertaining, not hunkering down in a cozy nook.

As I sat in this open area with my journal splayed open on my lap and trusty Bible next to me, my mind raced. I checked my phone, checked the status of furniture, tried to find rugs online, imagined how I would decorate this new place. I worked on Christmas details and made my to-do list for the day. Day after day, it felt the same. “Jesus, where are you?” Had I not forwarded Him my new address? Was He still waiting for me on our old sofa? I believed He led us here, initiated the whole move process, and saw it through. Wouldn’t He meet me here?

He met me on a run, as He frequently does. He reminded me of my friends in India, many who live in two-room homes with extended family living together. He meets them where they are. He will meet me in my new home, too.

We hadn’t moved in over twenty-five years and this whole process was incredibly stressful for me, on many levels. I was reminded of Jesus’ grace, His great patience, and continued guidance in my life. I needed to have the same grace and patience for myself. After all, didn’t I have the rest of my life to establish a cozy zone in this new house? I knew that Jesus didn’t really care where we chatted. He would meet me wherever I was. I knew it was me and not Jesus wandering. But I love the thought of Jesus waiting for me each morning in a particular spot, to start our day together. I need that! I long for that.

So, I’ll extend grace to myself, to get acclimated to our new home, to enjoy our new space. If my mind wanders during my quiet time, I’ll try to reel it back in with the help of Jesus. I’ll give myself time to find our little nook. That’s one of my New Year goals this year – to establish a cozy zone where I feel comfortable pouring out my heart to Jesus, praying for my children, my husband, family and friends, where I can work through Bible studies, sort through scripture, and even wrestle with God on occasion.

What about you? Do you have a comfortable nook where you meet with Jesus or can you ignore your surroundings and have a heart to heart with Him wherever you may be?  Tell me about it.

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. Mark 1:35