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Ten Benefits to Reading Christmas Books to your Children

It is a well-established fact that reading books to your children helps improve their literacy and love for reading. But did you know there are benefits of reading specifically Christmas books to your children? While the research on this is scarce to non-existent, it makes complete sense to me. So, here are the top 10 benefits to reading Christmas books to your children, in my opinion. Reading Christmas books also helps improve children’s ability to read, their love of books, and their love for words. Adds a variety to the everyday books that are being read. Pull out your...

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The Power of Journaling

By Jill Lord There are two types of people in this world: Those who journal and those who do not. I’m not trying to convert those of you who do not journal to become those who do journal, but I wanted to highlight the power that journaling has. Yes, I said power. Let me explain. I have a high school reunion approaching so naturally I pulled out my old journals to secretly reminisce and fact check. I planned on just reviewing a couple of years, but got so enthralled, I couldn’t put them down, seriously for weeks! I thought...

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