I love seeing a newborn baby bundle-of-joy wrapped up and cuddled in a parent’s arms. I see the parent staring in awe and love at the miracle before them. Wrapped in that perfect package is all the personality, talent, and skills that God knew they would need to become all He dreamed they could be. He created them at the perfect moment to grow and add to His Kingdom here on earth. He designed them uniquely to fit into this world, to use their gifts and talents in amazing ways, to touch the world in their own special styles.

Each part of that baby is unique. Nobody else can do what they are here to do. Others are depending on them to fulfill their purposes here on earth, so that they, too may flourish and grow in the ways that they are to grow. God placed dreams within that baby that they are to explore. He placed a hunger in that child’s heart to keep pushing and striving and reaching for that goal. When that is met, another hunger will grow, another desire, another dream. Lives will be touched. Souls will be enriched. Joy will be spread, and God will be glorified, all because the child pursued their dreams.

Do you see how that works? We are all here to help each other. God gave each of us gifts that others depend on us using. If one of us falls short in becoming all we are meant to be, others suffer because they may need what we have to offer. If we hold back, don’t feel worthy, stop at our first defeat, then we don’t know how many other lives won’t be touched because we did not push on. Does that make sense? Sure, others may be able to do the task. Life carries on even if we opt out, but nobody can do it like we would have done it, the way God intended for us to do it, to touch the lives that only we may be able to touch.

You see, when we attempt a difficult task that God placed in our hearts, a task in pursuing our God-given dreams, we grow. Even if we fail in our first attempt or our first ten attempts, we grow. God is building us to become the person to fulfill that dream. Others may grow as they watch us fail. It may give courage to others to attempt their dreams when they see that failure is not final.

While we, as parents, don’t have to give in to every dream our children have, we can help them focus on some and encourage them to do their best. We can give them opportunities and see where their talents lead. It’s so fun watching our children blossom and grow. Even if they don’t excel in a given pursuit, they are growing, learning a new sport or art, learning time-management, experiencing the importance of practicing on their own, attending practice, working as a teammate, helping others, and encouraging others. They are growing to become the person God dreamed they could be. Perhaps they are even learning to trust God and His perfect timing.

We don’t know what dreams God has placed in the newborn bundle, but oh, the joy in watching them pursue their God-given dreams. I’ll bet a smile comes across the Lord Almighty’s face as well and isn’t that what we want for our children – to bring God glory?

What dreams are your children pursuing? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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