I recently recalled when my daughter returned home from Orlando over spring break with some friends. She spent one day in Disney World with a friend who was doing an internship there. We had taken family trips to Disney World, but this was Rebecca’s first time without her parents and it was her best trip ever! She told us of the VIP passes they had to everything, the Fast Passes to the rides, their viewing the Easter Parade from great seats on the Riverboat, and eating at remarkable restaurants for discounted prices. It sounded absolutely amazing and she had the time of her life! It beat anything her dad and I could have done paying for passes for a family of five as non-Florida residents, and toting three kids around while pushing a stroller. They were lucky to get in the gate, never mind any VIP treatments. So, I was thrilled that she was blessed with this extravagant opportunity.

As I sat cuddled in a blanket, sipping coffee, and having my quiet time with My Savior, it dawned on me that we have VIP passes to the throne room every moment of every day. We have Fast passes to the King. We have front row seats with our Lord. We are always welcome to the best seats in the house all because of what Christ Jesus did for us on that cross.

Thanks to Adam and Eve, our sins have kept us out of the garden of Eden and from constant communion with God. Our sins have always kept us separated from God. God cannot be in the same place as sin. When we sin, we cannot forgive ourselves or make ourselves right or clean to stand before God. Blood must be shed to make us right with God again.

Only the high priests could enter the Most Holy Place in the tabernacle and even draw near to God. The people essentially had to wait in line until the sacrifices were made, bled was shed, offerings were burnt and the aroma reached up to the Lord. How long did that take? Then the blood had to be sprinkled on the people! Sometimes they could sacrifice their own animals, other sacrifices were made with grain ground into a fine flour. Anyway, you get the idea. It wasn’t easy to get right with God.

But thanks be to Jesus, who took our sins, our guilt, all of our junk and carried it to the cross for us. He completely paved the way for us to God so that we may ‘Draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water…’ Hebrews 10:22.

Jesus has completely bridged the gap between sinful man and righteous, almighty God. As Jesus as our Savior, we have VIP passes to the throne room and can lay our requests at his feet. We can pour our hearts out to Him and know that He hears us. We have the best seats to all He has to show us in this life. We have the best guide to the best path for our lives because He knows the way! Oh, friends, do you realize what a special gift Jesus is to us? We just have to give our hearts to Him! Then trust Him to show us His way, talk to Him, listen to Him and enjoy this extravagant opportunity to go through Life with the Creator of the World! Enjoy the ride, my friends!